The East Springfield Neighborhood Council in cooperation with the Springfield Police Department is hosting Check Your Speed events throughout East Springfield. These events help curb the traffic in the neighborhood and improve quality of life.

About this event: ESNC, neighbors, and the Springfield Police Traffic Bureau join together to encourage motorists not to exceed the posted speed limit, and to enforce the speed limit as required. Volunteers will hold Check Your Speed and speed limit signs along the street to encourage drivers to observe the speed limit. Police will perform lidar speed check after the Check Your Speed signs to enforce the speed limit.

What is the purpose of Check Your Speed: Often, drivers are unaware of their speed or of the impact their speed has on the neighborhood. This type of real-time awareness encourages speeding motorists to slow down. Passing motorists who continue to travel above the speed limit are stopped by the Police.

Our 2022 season was a success!

You are invited to join the East Springfield Neighborhood Council, neighbors, and the Springfield Police Traffic Bureau for our Check Your Speed Events. Please Join Us!